I have been blessed with a wonderful and supportive family!  I have an awesome husband and beautiful children.  My birth experiences put me on the path to becoming a doula.  I am grateful that my "work" is doing something that I love.

What my clients are saying:

I am so happy we hired Nancy!  I'll admit, I was on the fence about a doula.  I thought I had all the information; I had a book, a few apps on my phone, and we took four Prepared Childbirth classes!  What else did we need?  At 37 weeks actually giving birth became very real and I started looking at doula websites.  We interviewed a few other doulas before we decided Nancy was the one.  Nancy is warm, friendly, and doesn't hold back.  It's obvious that this is more than a job to her, this is her passion.  We created our birth plan and when we asked for opinions and information Nancy was happy to help but not pushy.  During labor Nancy massaged me, gave encouragment, suggested positions to ease contractions, assured my husband that what I was doing and saying were normal reactions, and she kept up with all the medical staff.  I'm so happy that I had the birth I wanted, it is something I'll remember forever!
-Katie and Blake

Nancy has a wonderful, supportive, and calming presence. She was available to us before, during, and after our birth. She assisted me with my labor both at home and at the hospital and was an instrumental part of our birthing team. She helped to make me as comfortable as I could possibly be. Her encouragement and belief in me helped me to have the natural childbirth that I wanted. She provided a wealth of information and thoughtfully answered all of my questions about labor, birth, and newborns. My partner and I felt so relieved to have her with us every step of the way. Thank you, Nancy!
-Noelle and Derich

Nancy exudes peace and strength.  Her non-anxious presence invites the natural birth process.  She relies on her experience and intuitive sense more than a textbook - and this makes all the difference.  I would recommend Nancy to my sister and closest friends.
-Sarah Lynn and Jon

I am so thankful Nancy was part of my birthing 'team'. She has such a calming nature, just her presence is reassurance that everything is going to be okay. I had a wonderful birthing experience and Nancy is part of the reason why.
-Carla and Martin

My husband and I hired Nancy in my 37th week of pregnancy because we had to switch doctors late in my pregnancy and we were feeling a bit overwhelmed by the experience of the switch.  In addition to taking childbirth classes, hiring Nancy was the best thing that we did in preparing for the birth of our daughter.  Because Nancy has so much experience, she was able to be a guiding and reassuring force during my labor and childbirth.  I studied hard and did everything I was instructed to do by my Bradley classes during pregnancy but when it came down to being in labor, I could only focus on getting through each contraction.  Having Nancy there to support me and to support my husband is what really helped us to achieve the natural birth experience we were planning for.  I wouldn't dream of having another child without Nancy by my side.  We have remained close since my birth experience, and I consider her to be a mentor and big sister.   Nancy helped me as I worked on my CBE certification and I consult her regularly on childbirth questions that I have now as an educator.  I know more than a handful of people who have also hired Nancy and many of them consider her to be a part of their family.
-Mary and Andy

I completely credit Nancy with being the reason why I was able to have both my children naturally and absolutely drug free.  She was responsible, at crucial moments, for influencing major decisions that led to happy results.  She was always available (yes, that means on the phone at 3 in the morning), encouraging, informative and a complete relief to lean on.
The first time through she gently talked me through about 24 hours of pre-labor, encouraging me to stay at home and let my body warm up.  The second time through she helped with multiple strategies to get my labor started.  Both times, once my water broke and we drove to the hospital, she met us there and helped us negotiate our way through multiple forms and questions about pain-killers and monitors.  She was a kind and firm advocate for us while staying friendly and polite with the hospital staff.  Hugely helpful was her ability to turn my whiny complaints into positive statements.
Highly observant, she noticed when I was moving through the stages of labor.  She found the one, most useful area to massage me, diligently recorded the time of major transitions, and encouraged me when it was time to start pushing.  She was focused and serious about the business at hand, but also cheery, calm and full of humor.  Both times she calmed my fears, gave great comfort, kept things positive and took the best birth photos.  She’s the one you want in the room with you.
-Shaheen and Ayhan