What is your philosophy about supporting parents-to-be during labor? My feeling first and foremost is that it is an honor and a privilege to be present at the birth of a child.  I am a guest at the birth, and while I offer support and encouragement to both parents; I never lose sight of the fact that this experience belongs to the parents.  I also feel that it is important to offer emotional support to both parents.  I like to have a lot of pre-labor contact so we can get to know each other, be comfortable with each other, and make a great team!  

What are some of the other services you offer?
I offer two prenatal visits (more if needed/wanted).  I can help you put together your birth and baby care requests.  These two items are very helpful to your doctor and the hospital.  They should clearly state your preferences for your birth and the care of your baby while you are in the hospital.  There are many things to consider when planning for your birth; I find that the birth and baby care requests can lead to many important discussions and gives me a clearer picture on what you expect from your birthing experience.
I also like to meet with you after the birth so we can review your labor and birth and answer any questions you might have.  
I am available anytime day or night before or after your baby is born if you need support or have questions.

What about breastfeeding?
I am available to help you with breastfeeding right after the baby is born and during the following days afterwards.  You can contact me at any time if you have questions and/or need help or encouragement with breastfeeding.

What about my partner?  Does a doula replace my partner during labor? No!  I work with your partner to ensure that you both meet your birthing goals.  I am there to support you both as needed.   Both parents need support; both parents are going through a unique experience.

What hospitals do you attend births at? Methodist Hospital in Arcadia, Huntington Hospital in Pasadena, Adventist Hospital in Glendale, Good Samaritan Hospital in Los Angeles, Cedars Sinai in Los Angeles, St. Joseph's Hospital in Burbank, Kaiser Sunset, Kaiser Baldwin Park, Kaiser Woodland Hills, Intercommunity Presbyterian in Whittier, Verdugo Hills Hospital in Verdugo Hills, San Gabriel Hospital in San Gabriel; just to name a few!

Do you attend homebirths? Absolutely!  Even though parents-to-be have great support from their midwife, I can still be a valuable part of the birth team in helping you reach your birth goals. 

How does the rest of it work? Call me whenever you have a question, or when you just need to talk!  When labor begins, please call me immediately.  When you need me, I can come to your house or meet you at the hospital; whichever you prefer.  Please allow me one hour to get to where you are.

How do I contact you?
Please call me at 626-359-6310 or 626-841-3783, or email me at nsconnelly@earthlink.net if you have any questions or if you would like to set up an interview.