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More Testimonials:

We thank you with much gratitude for being such an integral part of our birth team.  Your gentle patience and constant support both spoken and unspoken, as well as expressed through your touch made such a difference in my experience.  Without your presence I know my labor and view of the entire birth process would not nearly have been so positive.  We will always remember how lovingly Santiago was welcomed into the world.
-Sarah and Serafin

Thank you so much for another great birth experience.  Although it was fast and INTENSE, you being there with me/us made all the difference.  As Aaron says, “You completely relaxed as soon as Nancy arrived.” 
-Lisa and Aaron

My wife and I hired Nancy to be our doula for the birth of our first child, and we were very satisfied (and grateful!) for the services that she provided.  Nancy provided a wealth of valuable information in the run up to the birth, talked us through all of the decisions we needed to make regarding the delivery, and helped us put a good birth plan in place.  On the day of the birth, she showed up promptly (at 4:00 AM!) when we called and over the next nine hours did an amazing job helping my wife (who opted for a natural childbirth) work through the contractions.  As a husband, it was a relief to have an extra pair of hands to help out as well as an experienced person to reassure us that everything was going well and help us communicate with the nurses and doctors at the hospital.  We highly recommend Nancy’s services!
-Dave and Maya

I had a very challenging pregnancy with a number of issues that seemed to challenge my ideal scene of a completely natural, spiritual birth. It seemed every time I went to the OB, another obstacle stood in my way. Nancy was such a gift in all of this. We hired her primarily for her knowledge and support to navigate the medical model in order to accomplish a birth experience that was as closely aligned to our desires as possible. We would not refuse necessary treatment, but we did not want to be overly managed and bullied into interventions that were not necessary. In our prenatal visit, Nancy helped us prepare by helping us clearly articulate our vision and playing out "what if" scenarios, so the birth team was all on the same page. Ultimately, our birth experience was absolutely wonderful. I feel like I was able to accomplish the closest thing to a home birth possible, while still being in the hospital. Nancy's gentle support helped me maintain my confidence and her support of my husband was invaluable. After the birth, her phone calls, text messages, emails, and visit helped me stay on track with breastfeeding and helped me gain confidence as I stretched into my new role. She seemed to always know the perfect time to reach out, when I needed the most support. I wouldn't change a thing. I give my highest recommendation of Nancy's services. Do yourself a favor and have the support you deserve during the most incredible, transformational time of your life.
-Amy and Josh